I have often complained about working, but not anymore … my job is easy as pie compared to what our kids go thru during this Crucilbe thing with the Marines … here is Matt's agenda for today, just for today!

Day 2
Reveille (4 am)
Events 4-6 (5:30 am – 6:30 pm)
Event 4 – Battle of Fallujah
A one-hour event in which teams resupply water, ammunition and MREs through the Combat Assault Course.
Following the completion of the Battle of Fallujah, recruits negotiate a bayonet assault course and the warrior stations below:
  • Perez's Passage
    Teams cross a “contaminated area” by swinging on ropes from “safe spot” to “safe spot.”
  • Kraft's Struggle
    Teams climb a 10-foot wall and climb down the opposite side by a knotted rope.
  • John Quick Trail (Navigation Station)
    Basic map reading and grid coordinate plotting will be reviewed and evaluated.
  • Core Values Station
    Recruits sit inside a hut and receive information on a particular core value from their drill instructor.
Event 5 – Battle of Mariana Islands
Combat Endurance Course

Teams have two hours to complete five events of a modified Confidence Course.

The Sky Scraper
The team retrieves a “wounded” dummy from the top of an 18-foot tower.
Stairway to Heaven
Team members move two ammunition cans over the top of a 36-foot ladder obstacle.
Two-Line Bridge
Team members cross two 52-foot long ropes with their hands and feet suspended two feet and 10 feet off the ground as they carry ammunition cans and water re-supply cans.
The Weaver
Team members climb over and under 24 logs, 42 feet in length ascending to 14 feet as they carry ammunition and water re-supply cans.

In addition to the Enhanced Confidence Course, teams go through a Combat Endurance Course.

Combat Endurance Course- Teams conduct a simulated patrol, negotiate the obstacles and report the number and types of obstacles to intelligence sources.

Event 6 – Battle of Khe Sanh (Unknown Distance Firing)
Teams of four fire two magazines of five rounds each from simulated building structures at unknown distance targets in a time limit of 70 seconds. The number of targets hit and number of unused ammunition is then recorded.
Following Day's Defense, team members participate in a 250-meter casualty evacuation where members remove simulated casualties from a simulated danger area consisting of artillery simulators.
Night Event (8 pm – 11 pm)- Night Infiltration Course
Teams re-supply water, ammunition and MREs at night in a simulated combat environment. The teams take their ammunition cans, water cans and simulated MREs through the Combat Assault Course with the added obstacle of darkness.

Sleep (midnight – 4 am)

Whewwwww … yeah, ooooook …. lol

But, one week from today, he'll be home on leave for 24 days!!!!!

Oh yeah …. good mornin Tribe … lol


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