We all normally breathe.

But, what is the difference between normal breathing and deep breathing?

Anxiety therapist Austin gives a clear idea about both kinds of breathing i.e. normal breathing and deep breathing. Normal breathing is not done forcefully; it happens automatically while in deep breathing, the focus is given on breathing. Deep breathing involves inhaling as long as possible until the stomach gets filled with air, then slowly releasing the air completely. With continuous repetitions, inner peace and relaxation can be attained and this fact is proven by some of the best therapists in Austin.

Below are the basic techniques of deep breathing that can be practiced by an individual of any age.

Breathe in and breathe out:

For deep breathing, it is mandatory to allocate equal time for breathing in and breathing out. Sit comfortably on a chair and start breathing through your nose up to 5 counts and then breathe out through your nose for 5 counts.

As you start feeling comfortable with the counts, you can increase the count while deep breathing.

Muscle relaxation:

In this, the muscle group is tensed while breathing in and is relaxed while we breathe out. For this, you have to lie down comfortably. Breathe in and tense your feet muscles. Then, relax and breathe out.

Apply similar technique for calf, legs, belly, fingers, arms, belly, face, neck, and shoulders. This is the most preferred technique, carried out by best therapists in Austin to relax the body parts.

Wide-open your mouth:

This technique involves deep breathing followed by a wide opening of the mouth. Experts of trauma therapy in Austin explain the proper method of trying this kind of breathing technique.

Firstly, you have to lie down or sit on a chair. Breathe in through your nose as long as your belly gets filled with air. When you feel it is impossible to breathe in for more time, breathe out through your mouth. While breathing out you have to open up your mouth as wide as you can. Repeat for 5-10 times.

With the above breathing techniques, you can improve your mental and physical well-being since it helps to supply oxygen levels to the brain and lungs.

Moreover, deep breathing- if performed regularly can strengthen your cardiovascular & nervous system and you feel full of zest at the end.






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