My 9 year wedding anniversary was on the 11th. We celebrated by going out into the country and shooting rifles at full 2 liters, full cans of soda, and those giant campfire marshmallows. I was anxious on the drive out, but that was the only time and it was minimal (I wasn\'t driving tho) since then, there has been loads of outings. We have been a very busy family lately, and there hasn\'t been any real time for anxiety. I mean, there has been but it has been so minimal and so manageable, I barely even noticed it. I have gone to stores that I don\'t usually go to, done things out of my comfort zone for the last 9 months, and I\'ve even made the trek all the way up to my children\'s school 3 times now (with my family trailing about 2 blocks behind but still!) the first time on mothers day. That felt awesome. Especially since I have felt like such a letdown to them for not being able to walk up
there without feeling dizzy and awful. I still haven\'t walked all the way up there in the afternoon on my own. But I can now
make it to the end of my street and back to meet them
without feeling any anxiety at all. It\'s so exciting! I have even driven with my husband in the car a few times (from a few blocks to a mile) To top everything off- I just got back from a whirlwind trip to see my nephew graduate from high school. It\'s a 6 hour drive and the graduation was 3 hours long. I had to sit in a crowded area of bleachers with no easy escape route either, and my husband even had to end up taking the baby and letting her run around the football field because she was too antsy after having to sit in the car all that time. The anxiety I felt there was very minimal if any. Actually I hardly felt any anxiety the whole trip! I know that I still have to take baby steps and not go Too fast, but I am hoping to be able to start taking short errands on my own again soon. Especially if I can start driving more often when I\'m with my husband. And I hope that by the time that school starts next year I will be more than ready to walk back and forth from the school. I FINALLY feel more like the me that I was 9 months ago before I herniated my esophagus. I still have some weird health issues going on with the fibroid, and the ear pressure and the always feeling swollen throat and the weird tingling sensations (my doc appt got Pushed back again! Rawr! But what can you do?) but now that I can separate all that junk from the anxiety that surfaced from the accident it is getting So. Much. Easier. I just hope that I can maintain this level in my recovery and not go back to where I cannot manage it very well. I never want to go back to that place again if I can help It. (((hugs))) to you all. And I hope you all are making progress too! (please excuse the typos- It\'s hard to type long posts from my phone.)

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  1. Country_girl 11 years ago

    You give me hope!! Thank you!!

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