So update: after my boyfriend cooled down for a hour, he called me back. We talked, and he wasn't mad at me. He just needed to take some time and think seriously about everything he was doing. He agreed that I was right and he needed to do something. He dropped the one class he was struggling with and stayed in the other three's After talking longer we discussed his other classes. Turned out, he is getting A+ (seriously not just A's) and he is loving everything about them. That one class just made him focus on the negative. For all of those who said I need to look for another boyfriend, thanks for looking out for me. But there is alot I didn't bring up. For starters, he is by far the best boyfriend that I had ever had. In all my other relationships I was either the “mom” or kept at a distance unless it was for sex. My boyfriend, we will call him Josh, treats me like a queen. I have my issues as well. I have suffered with depression and an eating disorder. I work 40 hours a week while attending school full time and living with a roomate who treats me like shit.I have also had an ulcer since I was 16. I'm not perfect, but he makes me feel I am. The difference between him and I is I have been out of the house for 3 years and have learned to deal with my own issues. Yet he thought me to open up and trust someone again. I am making more progress on my goals than I ever have, including losing over 30lb. Things are going good for now, I finally got a 2 bedroom apt on my own that I can afford. I'm getting published in a scholarly journal, and for the past 2 days Josh has been optimistic. I know that a valley is on the way, but for now I'm going to enjoy the peek.


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