I started class this past Tuesday and I have it again tonite…I’m a bit worried I suppose because day one didn’t exactly set a great tone. The teacher is a bit of an ass. Now I’m not some math genius, far from it actually and for some reason this idiot had to go and state the obvious. My class number is 091 and he decided to break down for us the levels of college courses by explaining the ‘number system’. While this could seem non judgmental it wasn’t, he told us about how we weren’t even in a college level math course yet because our class started w/ a zero instead of a 1. How 100 level classes are freshman level, 200 is sophomore, etc. Then went on to say that he guessed we should have paid more attention in high school so that we then had a whole year to get the stuff that he’s going to have to try to teach us in one semester. I felt defeated before we even have started doing any MATH. I feel like I’m going to be looked down upon because I’m not someone who ‘gets it’. I’m trying to stay positive…And I’m going to class tonite. As long as the jerk can teach and I can understand the math and get a good grade (hopefully another A) I will stick it out. I’m bummed that my previous instructor isn’t teaching this class level this semester. He taught it last semester but the college switched him to teach higher levels. He was an awesome teacher who really did explain things in a way that I got. This guy this semester seems like he’s going to blow through things with out assuring that the mass of the class understands. I hope that my perceptions are wrong and that things go smoothly. I am also going to try to get a feel for what some others thought of his introductory speech and see if I’m being a little over sensitive or not. I still can’t shake the feeling of defeat before even putting on my running shoes … I feel like I always felt in high school when it came to math and that’s what worries me.

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  1. edinadiva 13 years ago

    Yeah I totally agree with the comments so far. It sounds like the guy should not be allowed to teach! I'm a primary teacher and I had to do a course in maths, as it wasn't my strong point school either, so I needed to go back to get a better mark to get into teacher training. I felt like you and the teacher, although she meant well made me feel like I was back at school and I found it hard to learn because I was scared. However, what really helped me was speaking to a couple of other people in my class. We ended up meeting for an informal study group another night for a couple of hours and that really helped us, as we were able to discuss things and explain things to each other.  Anyway hope things work out for you.


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