Did u start to have anxity when u where just a kid? as long as i could remember i had some type of problem in my own skin i can remember when i was in elementrey school going in the bathroom and crying. and as i got older i thought why was i doing that i no thats not normal but thats not all. when i got older but i was still in elementry i started to have what i know now as anxity atacks, but when i was haveing them in elementry school ididnt know what was going on and as i moved in with my aunt and went to a new elementy school my anxity got worse. i can remember seting in class with the other kids just going crazy in my head and the wierd thing is that those feelings i had in elmentry school feel the same now as a 20 year old, then i went to middle school same anxity but worse in middle school i would go in the bath room and run water on my face and in classes i would have more panic attacks then this girl named shanon liked me but i was to in to my panick attacks to date now i look back on this and regret this now when i went to high school it got to the point where i would have a panick attack every time in the morning before i had to go to school then when i got to shool we had a time where everyone would talk and set in the hallways during this time i would go in the bathroom and look in the mirror and think of how  wierd i was. i thought i was crazy then on top of my anxity i would get made fun of by every one people said i was ugly and i thought everyone is saying im ugly then that ment i was and anywas i thought i was ugly back in elementry then this other girl liked me but it was the same as middle shcool iwas to scared to have a girlfreind it was like i couldnt funticon so i went through this all four year of high school. i thought how the hell im i going to make it though but i made it now a grown man i find my self feeling this anxity again. now im going to talk about my first year out of high school i got a job at cvs but the whole time i was looking for a job i was thanking how im i going to grt a job like felling this. second guesing myself as i had did my whole life but i got the job the first 3 weeks i had a 300, 400 ,and 700 ,cash lost t thought i was going to get fired for sure and i was a cashier and as you know for somebody with anxity being a cashier is not the best job because you can have an attack at any time and dealing with custermers can be stressful so i used to have like 8 anxity attacks a day and my manger sheri used call me out on it she used to say be more confdient i was thinking to my self it not so much confdents i cant help it to plus the custmers where like why do you look so sad smile my sister used to say the same thing i was thinking in my head if you only knew what im going through almost every day would you smile.

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  1. lovelife88 10 years ago

    Do you see a therapist ?

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