I feel as if I am being buried alive, all I do is worry and I always need my next 2 moves planned out. I hate being off guard. We moved recently and my husband and myself have been trying to find work but no luck I have my old job still I am at but it’s an hour away. We can’t get caught up..bills are just piling up we are like 10seconds it feels from losing everything. I work my butt off to be broke I feel like. I don’t splurge on myself. I am 31 years old I thought by now id have life somewhat figured out but nope. I have never had my license I have like a phobia of driving…idk why…so I don’t hang out with people much also because I work a lot. I complain because I don’t get invited places but when I do I usually turn down the offer. My husband says I always have a attitude but I don’t mean to have one there’s just sooooo much on my mind at all times. He thinks I can just turn it off but I can’t. I understand im not the only one with issues like this but then again I feel so alone…I just want some positivety to happen soon. I wanna be able to loosen the reigns and enjoy life and roll with the punches but I can’t I need to know everything that’s gonna happen soon can have a plan.


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