I do not recommend anyone go to Depressionhurts.ca. I don't understand why DT & TV commercials are heavily promoting it? This new website is a disappointment in my eyes. 

Who am I to criticize? I've been depressed for 5 years and recently received my B.A. in Psychology. I just visited this site because I keep seeing the Ads for it, and its depressing to look at & read. 

You may as well read a psychology textbook and doctor pamphlets instead of wasting your time on that site. The ONLY GOOD THING I can say about the site is that a lot of their information is as recent as 2010, however, it makes you feel like you're reading a book. 

Do they not understand that most people with depression (like myself) will fill out that silly symptom checklist, but not make the effort to print it off and hand it to their doctor? Why? Because most people with depression don't seek help…

White font on a beige background is hard to read!? Who came up with that idea…

The pictures make me laugh. That's all I'm going to say about that one. 

The resources are the same resources you can find on any other Canadian depression site.

My final thoughts:

– The site is not motivating from the perspective of a person who suffers from depression

–  As a person suffering with depression, I want to be able to relate to others with similar symptoms on a website like DT which is user friendly, and provides alternatives to keeping my mind occupied… like blogging, playing games, chatting, taking polls, etc.


I apologize if this message seems a little harsh, but I personally feel the whole health care system is over-priced & cares more about sucking money out of people rather than sucking problems out of them. It's hard to put a price on what a person's life is valued at… so I find it sickening how expensive it is to seek treatment for any medical or psychological condition one suffers. 

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  1. crudelia 13 years ago

    Well said. Agreed.

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