Which is greater in God’s eyes: the marriage or the people of the marriage?
A harmonous marriage between a man and a woman is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences one can have  But what happens when that beautiful experience is not so beautiful any longer and the love that was so deep has turned into bitterness of the heart and at times can turn into a form of hate. What happens when proper counseling has not brought forth the desired fruit, and the hope of the relationship being restored seems lost? And what happens when our spouse turn their back and just settles. The only true reconcilitor of marriages is God, Is there still hopes? YES. Maybe not the way we would invision hope to be.
As painful as this may sound when dealing with a marriage, The big D word, or making one into two, is necessay and needed to save and peserve life.
Example; To save a person’s life from the destruction of cancer, a surgical separation must take place. You may be thinking this is totally diffirent, let see. To keep our community safe from a known rapist, they must be separated from the community and incarcerated. A rabid animal must be separated so others may not die also, and as painful as it is, there are husbands and wives who are greatly corrupting their spouse and a separation should take place to save and restore them, before both are lost forever.  Sometimes marriages are not meant to be saved, and shouldn’t be.
There is a time when the Lord Jesus is our High Priest to bring us together in a marriage; from being two, He makes us one. But there are other times Jesus is our physician who comes to do surgery as our last resort to bring healing. The surgical procedure of divorce is one of those times. "…Those who are well have no need of a physician, BUT THOSE WHO ARE SICK. But go and HEAR WHAT! THIS MEANS: I DESIRE MERCY AND NOT SACRIFICE…"(MATTHEW 9: 12, 13)
By Stephen Gola

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