So its been a while since i've blogged. So i though i might write a few things that have been happening the last few weeks.

Well i'll start with the most recent and work my way backwards. I spent all of last week with appointments, then on the weekend, I spent with an old work colleague. It was really nice. We went and had lunch on Saturday, then went to the womans football grand final on sunday, followed by lunch and a nice cocktail. It was great catching up with her. We are definatly going to do it more often. On the Saturday we were at this lounge/cafe/bar from 1pm to about 6pm! we just chatted away for soooo long.. So funny. Anyway while we were talking, she "came out" to me. I think she was worried about what my reaction was. But i have no problem what so ever with being gay. So we had a bit of a joke and a laugh, which i'm sure set her mind at ease. It was a bit of a surprise though. I told her that I concider myself Bi, so that really set her mind at ease.

Going back from that.. the appointments.. oh geez… I had appointments for drs, xrays, psychcologists.. etc etc.. by the end of the week I was totally done with appointments, infact I actually cancelled one of them (an optometrists) as I was just feeling so overwhelmed by the whole thing. I'm not used to being so busy. I'm glad its overwith.

News on the Knee.. Well I FINALLY have a referal to see the orthopedic surgeon again! HORAY for that! I'm just waiting for a letter with the appointment details. I'm also going to have more physio and stuff.. They (the Drs) said that if i lose weight it would help (like i haven't heard that a million times) but like i've told every other doctor, they have no idea how much pain just walking for 10mins does! its really really frusturating. They really don't seem to understand. The x-ray revealed that there is no bone damage (I could have told them that!).. so that leaves it to cartliage and ligament damage (which I knew). SOmetimes I wish It was just a broken bone.. it would be soo much easier! Anyway I've been told that I'll have to wear my brace almost 100% of the time that I'm out of the house.. Oh JOY -.-

Today, Been feeling a bit down. I think i'm just overthinking alot of things right now. I have drunk a little, but not alot. I'm thinking I will have a bit to drink tonight however.

The therapy has been going well. She's lovely. The anxiety group worked out to be ok.. mostly due to the people that were in it. I got the number of a couple of the girls in the group, so we are going to keep in touch. Its nice to have some friends that "get it" … you know…



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