I ditched class on wednesday. I wasn't up to going, but had my mom drive me there anyway. I had already decided before going that I wasn't going to go to class. So I spent time in the lounge getting some work done. Actually being productive, so I didn't feel so guilty. Ditching a class is not easy when you don't drive. It involves sort of lying to my mom, and since I was at a small campus, people who know me might see me in the lounge and ask me why I wasn't in class. So I tried to hide away from the windows. I was safe, no one who knew me came into the lounge and when I got my work done I called my mom up to come get me.

 When we were driving home she asked me how class was. I said it was good. Then she asked me what they talked about in class. Now here is where I'm thinking oh shit! what will I say now? I started feeling extremely guilty. I said "Well actually I didn't go to class" She said "What!? Why not? Why did you make me drive you all the way to school, when you weren't going to go anyway?" I said "I don't know. I just didn't feel like going, but I did get some work done" She then said I could have told her earlier and she asked me if maybe I was afraid to tell her I wanted to skip class, and that I have no need to feel afraid to tell her things like that. I said I was mostly worried about my father getting mad because he was home at the time and because he has gotten a little angry when I skipped class before. My mom said "Well, let's not mention this ok" I said "Ok"

All I can say is I'm really grateful I have such a caring mom. She even said that all that matters to her is that I pass my classes. I wouldn't know what I would do without her, and just imagining her being gone really frightens me. My dad obviously has different opinions though and would more likely tell me to "get over" things. If something happened to my mom and I was stuck with my dad, I would probably lose my mind.


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