I am congratulating myself for getting through a week of death (both people-friends\' families, lots of young kids- and pets-I work at a vet hospital where we\'ve had to euthanize a lot of pets this week) and my own health being wonky (I\'ve been falling asleep sitting up and waking up on the floor) and a relationship that is becoming more and more confusing (he wants to see me but never seems to have the time) and a work week that had far too many hours and some stressful clients to deal with and yet I came out with the ability to smile with friends and even hold another\'s hand as she cried about her week without thinking "oh yeah, you should have seen MY week!" I kept perspective on everything and was able to come out relatively okay. I wouldn\'t say I\'m dancing. This much stuff happening all at once is impossible for any sane person to feel great about, but the fact that I\'m not my usual freaked out self about it is a positive step for me. Usually I would allow this to spiral into "my life sucks" but instead I\'m feeling like my life is the best that it can be given my situation. Sure a lot of people around me are dying, but thankfully it is not the children in my family at the moment, as I\'ve already dealt with more loss than I thought I could ever live through, we\'ve had to put a lot of cats to sleep, but all of them were given every chance for cures (the vet\'s even did some free treatments just to hope that it might work) and were only put to sleep out of mercy so they wouldn\'t suffer anymore rather than just because there wasn\'t enough money to save them, while my falling asleep randomly is a little scary, it\'s probably due to a mix of long hours and low vitamin intake and can be fixed with some good rest and diet. The long hours at work are nothing compared to my last job, where even though I worked an average of 5 hours less per week, it felt like I was working 20 hours more, just because of the stress at the other job, so I\'m thankful, and the stressful clients come with the profession, and really it\'s just one that\'s really bugging me, and I have permission from my hospital manager to defer any dealings with her to the doctors so I don\'t have to deal with her BS anymore.  So all in all, though it was horrible, it was good…. and it ended with some good food at a new place…. I had not had Cuban food before and it was tasty! and shared with good friends….. 

I doubt I\'m cured from my anxiety issues, but this week deserves a congrats to me:)


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