Hey – I am new to the D-tribe but experienced in yammering on and on about depression. I have lots of advice which flows freely from my fingertips when things are good, as they are now. When things go bad, I am basically nowhere to be found.  I guess that supporting people going through a bad phase makes me hope that someone will be there for me when I need it.

I talk alot about bad spots; for me, this thing has always had a frustrating and unpredictable cycle. When I am going through a bright spot, its hard to even believe I ever had a problem.

I have a wonderful woman in my life and a beautiful stepson who is a complete joy. My best friends include a Gibson Les Paul and a bottle of bourbon, brownest of the brown liquors, to quote one Lionel Hutz.   

Here is what I can distill down from 25 years of this…

(1) Stay busy, don’t give yourself time to sit around and think

(2) Select your vices and nurture them carefully so that they entertain you but do not take over

(3) Work out like a crazy person, get your heart rate over 140 for 30 minutes a day

(4) As much as you can stand to, eat healthy.

(5) Stick to your meds religiously

(6) Swing your legs over the side of the bed, put your feet on the floor and stand up. Walk away from the bed, no answers exist in the sweet darkness of sleep.

(7) If you happen to be physically attractive, become focused on this aspect of life, look in the mirror alot, apply ointments and limiments that keep you young,  and constantly apologize to people for your extreme beauty.

(8) Keep a sense of humor and don’t give up, there is a combination of meds / etc. that will help you, but its hard as hell to figure it out. In addition, we get the added benefit of needing a new solution just when we are feeling awful, like solving the Schrodinger equation while doused in gasoline and on fire. Its awesome.







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  1. traumd 12 years ago

    That”s something I”ve been needing to read 🙂 I like #8 a lot. A sense of humor is always a good friend to have. But could you elaborate more on #2? What do you mean by vices and nurturing them?

    Thanks again and welcome!


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