I broke up with my boyfriend in june and was in a bad space.so when i met this guy in oct who showed interest i hadunprotected sex,Facts that i know is i was tested postv end of nov, my risky behaviour was in october. So according to medical evidence because i got sick at the beginning of nov with acute infection it was right to assume that i contracted this disease in october. They say it takes 2-6weeks for you to get acute infection. But there is always a chance of delayed seroconversion. so i called my ex, wasnt easy and told him and he says he got tested in july and he was negtv but suggested we go get tested on monday just to be sure. See i know its not him, because the last guy i was with in oct rumour has it he is married which i didnt know. That he and hes wife have been on arvs 4 years, when i confronted him.He ignored me and changed all his contact details. But just to be sure i told my ex.i kinda thought it was the right thing to do, altho its exposing my status to a lot more people,its the right thing 2 do, Is it?with all the stigma around is telling more people ur status the right thing?or should one just never find out who truly infected them because of pride? After mon if it turns out to be guy nu2, im going to explore legal options as he intentionally infected me according to the rumour in the city.but can one open a case without hardcore evidence?maybe i should just let it be,but i remeber when i first found out and i told him, i needed a mere 45us to get my viral load checked coz my medical was short and i was unemployed and he didnt both to assist me, when he is a millionare and also just opened a new upmarket club .that really didnt sit well with me.but i have now accepted in this world there are heartless people and that just a fact of life.

  1. bluvd2012 10 years ago

    Hi. I am in a similar boat as you. It's hard to prove who infected who and as someone said to my similar question it's not worth what you'll have to go through. I told my ex on Monday and he had not reached out to me again. Meanwhile guy no 2 has been with me through this. So I texted my ex this morning to find out if he knew he had HIV and he said no. In fact he hasn't gotten himself tested yet and he is waiting to hear back from two other women. I still don't believe him.

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  2. lavida 10 years ago

     Well from what i know the average is 2-6 weeks for you to get acute infection and by week 4 i was already producing the symptoms after unprotected sex.Take note when i intially got tested after 4 weeks i was negative. i waited another 2 weeks and when i went back it was postv that was 6weeks. so according to my hiv specialist i had got it recently that is from this married guy. But i do understand that there might be a slight chance that i might have got it from my ex boyfriend who i broke up with in june of last year because b4 him i was negtv. This is why i phoned and he is getting tested on monday, so i will be in a better postion to know who infected me. But what strongly stands against the secong guy not my ex boyfriend  is the rumour of his previous knowledge of his status and how he changed his contact details when i confronted him. If it turns out that my ex is postv, i will take responsibiltiy and apologise to the second guy. Because in the end we dont leave this world with our wealth but the deeds we have done. For your own info i have not been in a realtionship or having any form of sex since my diagnosis last year end of nov.

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  3. steveh6873 10 years ago

    It comes down to this legaly..I contracted HIV from an x fiancee..Thats why shes an X …lol..Anyways..When I pursued this matter legaly..after months of legal stress and heartach the bottom line was it is her word against mine…She claims She disclosed to me and she made me aware..When I know she didnt..He said / She said = STALEMATE

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