I think what bothers me the most is how quickly someone can go from being a great friend, to being able to make you feel like complete crap and not worthy of their time in a very short period of time. I feel forgotten – erased. And I'm not the kind of person to chase someone's friendship – you either want to be friends with me or you don't. I've tried hard lately to keep what seems to bethe remnants of the friendship together, but I've pretty much failed on that score. I'm going to back away now. I'm going to protect myself from any more hurt, because I know you don't realise it, and I doubt you'll ever read this, but your distance has hurt me tremendously. I feel like I've lost the one good friend I had, the one person who made me think it was possible to love again, and was willing to give me the time to get my head around that. But after losing many very close friendsonly a few years ago, I cannot face losing more, especially when it's much more than just a simple friendship lost. I hurt from your lack of interaction with me as a human; as a friend. I'm trying hard not to cry as I write this, because I'm sat at work and that would hardly look professional!

I'm just tired of losing people, and tired of trying to keep them in my life when they clearly have better friends to be around. I hurt too much from this, I'd almost forgotten how much rejection can hurt; I was starting to get over and slowly forget the pain I felt 2 years ago. I think you've forgotten how much it can hurt too, which possibly explains why it seems so easy to dismiss me.

I have to go now,the tears won't hold off for much longer x

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  1. snowle 11 years ago

    What pains us trains us.  Sometimes it feels like the world has forgotten you.  I  think life goes in cycles between happiness and sadness.  Hang in there and just love yourself first.  good luck

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