What a great halloween we had this year. It was full of family, friends, and lots of trick or treaters. With the house decked out and a crew of zombies to scare little kids we made a great night of it. The ex and his girlfriend came with her daughter to take the boys out around the neighborhood. My sister and friend Mary scared the piss out of the neighborhood kids while I warmed hot cocoa and apple cider for the kids returning frozen to the bone and jacked up on candy.

Had the weekend to spend with my sweetheart doing the adult partying. god I miss him like crazy when he is not here. Got two weeks before we get to slip away for the weekend for my birthday…yippie. unfortunatly two weeks might as well be two years when you are missing someone like this….kinda the same as the watched pot never boils thing. funny thing about time though is that it keeps on ticking…..even when it seems like it ticks too slow…it is still going.

With halloween over we are now getting pumped up for a great thanksgiving. Going to be a large thanksgiving this year and I am thrilled after the past couple of years feeling rather mundane. I love to entertain and it has been a while since we have had alot of company for thanksgiving. the ex and his girl will be coming with her kids. My baby will be coming ( I hope). My mothe rwill be there for the first time for a few years….her job doesnt like to let her off. I think she will quit if they deny her this year. she wants some time to get to know the boyfriend a little. I am totally stoked about the day. Look forward to good food and football and the post diner coma curled up with my sweetheart. YES!! sounds like heaven.


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