Well, I've been here for a bit so I guess it's about time I say something, anything, although this will probably be more of a ramble as my brain hasn't been working correctly for quite some time.

Double whammy is what I call this bit…but why? Well, because I feel doubly taken down as not only do I suffer depression but also hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism very much mimics almost every sign and feeling of depression and it makes it quite difficult to know which is the problem at the time.

I was diagnosed with the thyroid issue almost two years ago and it was under control for all that time. That was a relief in a way, but not really because with the thyroid in check it meant I had to accept I was also depressed. So the "depression experiment" began.

I have a counselor, check. That part is under control. Now the meds…hmmm….well now, that part not so under control. I'm on my third antidepressant, which I guess isn't so bad in almost two years time…I've gone from Lexapro – made me feel plastic so I quit that one (with doc's consent and direction), to nothing…to being suicidal, to citalopram (generic Celexa) – was on that for seven whole months even though it didn't really work but was good enough to take the edge off. Well now, 20 lbs later and feeling like total shit me thinks it's time for another switch…

At the doc once again and well, this time my thyroid is off again…wtf!? After almost two years of control this is why I feel all outta control myself, and the reason for the rapid weight gain (my weight had been controlled until about 2-1/2 to 3 mos ago).

Well thyroid med upped again, tested a month later and I'm guessing ok. Switched antidepressants to Wellbutrin, started on SR now on XL after a month. So far I am much happier with the XL, but I am still struggling emotionally and with my image…

Well, I believe that is it for my ramble…sorry if it doesn't make much sense but I kinda felt it was time to get myself out there since I joined…and my brain was a little better here so that I was able to write something…anyway…Hi all, new here, thanks for reading. ;p


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