Yesterday me and a bunch-o-friends went to Six Flags and had an awesome time. I kinda got over my fear of roller coasters, but there's still no way I'm going on a choice few. Batman is fine, but Mr. Freeze looks terrible ._. (This is in Six Flags Over Texas, btw.)

I'm glad I got out of the house all day, and I think it did me some good as well as my parents. While we were at Six Flags, they went to a Rangers game with my baby bro. We all were a little less tense after that. Cool beans, eh?

The thing that probably brought the mood at Six Flags down: My younger sister and her friend. Around C., my sis isn't really much different from herself. Around B., however, she becomes a… B+Witch-W. She was so rude to some of my friends yesterday, and B. kept giving everyone an attitude. I was in charge of making sure they got through the day okay (since I'm older Undecided) and everything I said was undermined. It was probably the hottest day of summer and they didn't put on sunscreen until I made them meet me up so I could do it, they never got water or anything like I said, they wouldn't eat french fries because it touched the hamburger first, and they never called in like I told them to! I got freaken' worried!

The worst part of it? It was closing time and I couldn't get a hold of my sis. No matter how many times my mom and I called her, she wouldn't answer. 2 minutes after closing, I get a call from her and I tell her to wait in front of the center plaza. I call and ask where she is, and she's outside of the park at the ticket booth. I call her up again, and she's already in the car. She could've gotten hit by a car crossing that street!! Odds are it would've been my fault, but more than likely 5 other witnesses (my friends) would've told them I told those two to stay where I told them to.

Except my sis and her friend, I had a really good time yesterday. I plan to talk to my mom or dad 'bout what happened yesterday since I have them in a good mood (from yesterday and it being my dad's birthday), but no matter what comes of that I'll think of Six Flags and just try enjoy being stuck at Depression Central again.

I love my friends. Every one of them. They're the things that keep me here with everyone else. -^_^- 


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