I took a Calm-Aid this afternoon, and proceeded to have a terrible anxiety attack as if I’d just taken a caffeine pill. What a disappointment. I was really hoping the Calm-Aid would be just as effective as the Ativan. This is twofold- the Calm-Aid is cheaper, and the Ativan is only a short-term fix, it’s not meant to be taken over a long period of time. So to my thinking, if I have the Calm-Aid, I should be able to function as normally as I would on the Ativan, so that when my doctor stops prescribing me the Ativan, I have the Calm-Aid to lean on. Now I am concerned because the Calm-Aid didn’t prevent today’s panic attack. Also, I spoke with my psychiatrist, and he told me to double the amount of Zoloft I’m taking and that should take care of the panic attacks. Today was only day one of that, so hopefully over time there will be improvement.

I just really thought the Calm-Aid was going to be the answer. I’m not going to stop taking it, because I read that it can take two weeks to take effect, but I was expecting it to be like the Ativan. The Ativan works immediately. Studies have shown the Calm-Aid to be as effective as Ativan, but the difference is how quickly it starts to work. My plan is to take one Ativan and one Calm-Aid each day. I will still continue the intensive lavender therapy, the essential oil and the tea. It is helping, I had a pretty ok day overall, with the exception of the panic attack right at the end of the day. It’s the first panic attack I’ve had since starting the Ativan, which is actually a miracle. Previously, I had been having multiple panic attacks per day. So this is an improvement. Finally, after all these months.

I’m so pleased with this improvement, seriously, you have no idea what it’s like to have a ray of light shine through the thicket of darkness that I’ve been inhabiting.  So instead of feeling down because I had a panic attack, I’m feeling great because of how few I’ve been having. It’s important to stay positive despite all these challenges. And if it weren’t for the Ativan/Calm-Aid, I don’t even think it would be possible to think positively at all. Even if it doesn’t eradicate the panic attacks completely, just knowing that I can feel better is huge. I haven’t felt this good in months! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to go out for a walk. I’ll get there. If not tomorrow, then maybe another day coming up soon.



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