Dreaming of K again… I guess since I know I'm probably not going to get to see him. I only saw him twice and already he's bored and wants to move on. I dreamed we got back together and he accused me of cheating and he already had another girl. Then I went to his sister's wedding and I just wanted to go so I could see him in a tux. He made me miss the ceremony and I was throwing a fit… I don't know what that means. I guess it means I wish I could have gone to K's sister's wedding as his date. I love him so much. When I dream of him it makes it worse. I want to text him today and tell him I had a dream about him. That will only cause me more stress and pain, but I feel like I HAVE TO TELL HIM! I miss him sooo g-d much.

My FB pics look ugly. Well, pretty compared to how I REALLY look. But still not good. At least I can make them look decent. I am so tired of this girl I used to know posting pics of her fucking baby it makes me sick. Get a life, your stupid baby is not your life. I could have had a baby and claimed I have a life too, but I didn't want to fuck up some poor soul by being its mama…

This girl is sickening. At least she is not a teen mom, that's about all I can say for her and honestly her baby's FUG as far as babies go, because some babies are sooo cute, this one's not, she is skinny and has very little hair. Her mom was always nice to me, but I never got to hang out with her and she is a FLAKE I am so fucken sick of FLAKEY FUCKING PEOPLE!! G-D don't play with my mind if you don't really want to be my friend.


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