It’s all around us.

It’s in us.

It’s what we run on.

It’s what Fills your lungs.

Not mine.

I drown.

Anger, sadness, loss

Angish, Hopelssness, Lonleness,

It fills my lungs lik water

Like the water that you drink,

the water that your hateful words bring,

the water that you use to spit your hate at me

the water you use to fill my lungs,


Drowning while surrounded by air

Drowning in my failure

in my sadness

In my anger

In my hopelessness

In my lonelyness

In my memories

Drowning in the air, in the memoried that at here

I breath them like you do air,

I try to breath th air but nothing comes


My lungs fill with the words of hate and the words that negate me

the words that echo

The words that fill my lungs like air does yours


Drowning like my lings have water and no air

Drowning like my head’s underwater,

Drowning like nothing matters…

And Nither do I.


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