Three of us in the household do not care for that woman.   One of us pointed out how immature and irresponsible he is.    She is pleasant to one of us but was ——- to him until recently.   I called her out on it and won’t tolerate anyone being ——- to my high functioning disabled son in his own home.

We have tried to like her for years.    It is not working.   She is who she is.

It is official that her family is not invited to our home.   We are not hosting a wedding or bridal shower.    We are also not extending a congratulations to her on the engagement.

One of the other adult children (daughter) vows to find and marry a family oriented man and pleasant person verses a person like “her.”

We can focus on the future children of daughter verses the future possible children of that woman.  She does not have a fan club in our family.

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