After processing and working through a situation, it can feel like that happened a lifetime ago.

However, little clues can remind you that your life has changed by coming across notes referring to events.  and people.

In the beginning, these memories coming back can feel like a punch in the stomach resulting in in tears and feeling emotional.

Now, after some time has passed,  one can take a deep breath and accept the feeling for what it is.    Sentimental and bittersweet.    Then, someone can release the feeling and accept it.

Tears don’t normally flow for me now because of reminders of the changed plan from little reminders like they always did then after that situation happened.

The challenging life events are what make us grow and figure out how strong we are really emotionally.  The cruel, unfair, earth shattering situations can break us or not.   They can become the excuse for us to stop fully experiencing life or become the mountain we climbed successfully against all odds.

Tears that flow when needed are signs of healing and processing.   They are not weakness.   They are the release that set us free.

The privilege to cry, feel anger at the unjust, the joy and the unexpected in life are all just part of the roller coaster of life.  I opt to stay on the track of fully experiencing life verses just existing to see where the ride ends up.

Cry.   Laugh.    Feel all emotions.   This is life.   Enjoy the ride.

  1. aquazium 3 years ago

    Thanks for the reminder, I don’t always let myself cry because i’m worried about being judged or not seeming tough but you’re right:)

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