I can’t do it anymore. My chest is always tight, my family is miserable, and I have my anxiety always getting in the way!!!! I can’t even get a contact in my eye with getting frustrated then crying or just crying!!! This is outrages!!!! I don’t understand how having 13 years of my life be beat down so much that I am socially awkward and I can’t even do anything about it!!!! I try going out of my convert zone but then I can’t!! I can’t talk in front of people if I don’t practice what I say!! Even then I still struggle!! I don’t make the best friends!! I end op in bad relationships!!! I can’t tell people my problems!! For crying out loud I couldn’t tell my mother my MOM about what was stressing me out!!! I am a kind, nice, caring person and people come to me if their is a problem or if the are stress but they don’t think that I have a life and I have stuff wrong with me!!! I stopped telling people stuff when one of my friends told a counselor that I was telling her(my friend) to much!! So then I stopped!! That is when I came here to the tribe and I just now how people can go on in life!!! I just want friends that will be their!! No stress!!! No worries!! And for crying out loud someone that will just be their for me when I need them!! Someone I can depend on!!!

  1. landocalrisian 2 years ago

    If you do not have one, I suggest getting a counselor for yourself.

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  2. bell03 2 years ago

    I understand how you feel!

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  3. drewbug2456 2 years ago

    Hey girl, I don’t know you personally but if you ever need a friend to talk to about anything .. and I know I’m not your first choice to go to but if you need someone I’ll be there for you

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