I get so f***in' sick of people who's only advise is to "learn to play the game." Maybe it's meant well, but it's trite and utter BS!! And you know what, I'm not sure it is meant well. It's like your hapless school counselor saying you can be whatever you want to be, but singing/sports/art won't pay the bills. It's mainstream society trying to wead out those that are different. Totally human to do that, by the way. But if we just sat back and let it happen, we would never have seen Van Gogh's visions, heard Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, or wanted to be like Mike.

Also… I can think of a dozen horrible things small groups of us humans have done to larger groups of humans (slavery… witch hunts… genocide) because the smaller groups liked the ideas and too many other people decided it's just how lifeis, that it was better to play along and turn a blindeyethan stick your neck out and have something unpopular to say. Nothing changed until brave people stood up, put their necks out, and took a stand against the BS.

You don't have to learn to play the game.You don't have to try to change it. You can also CHOSE NOT TO PLAY THE STUPID GAME.

That's the choice I make in Life. Professionaland personal.

I'd rather cry a billion tears becauseI don't fit inanywhere than give up whoI am just to fit into someone's narrow definition of who I'm supposed to be. I like who I am, dammit. I've fought too hard to find the real me beneath the rubble of my crappy childhood and lousy parents. I refuse to kill that part of me off just because the status quo says I'm "weird" or "emo" or "anti-social" or whatever.

So, sorry that I don't fit into anyone's tiny definition of who they think I should be. But I'm not going to. Ever. Deal with it, or deal me out.


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