So right now im sitting here thining about the events of today. I had a feeling before i came to Toronto. First i missed my morning flight so i had to wait all day for the later flight. Im here for trial which is what i am the most irritated with at the moment. Trial was scheduled for 10am this morning. As of nine everything was a go. That was fine, minus the anxiety and burnt out nerves. Then I leave the rom i was in and when i came back the officer told me that he had fired his lawyer. Like wy would you do that? To me he is trying to avoid having this go through. I thought i was going to take one step forward not two steps back. Al i want is for this wholle thing to be done and over with. It almost seems as if I cant manage to get rid of him. I was at the point to just walk away from me. But i cant do that i need to do this in order to get the closure i need. Now instead of getting closer to it. I have to wait until wednesday to find out the date for spring hopefully…… year will be two years longer that ive had to keep seeing him and its beginning to eat me up. I now feel as if this whole trip was a waste of time. I just want this all over. IThat way i dont have to worry when the next courtdate is and just move on wirh my life. I got what i did and i deal with it. I do everything in order to keep my body healthy and running. Now i just need him to be erased out of my life.

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  1. chrissy_hiv 9 years ago

     i have been summoned I have no choice but to be there. I just want it all done and over with. Thank yous for the kind words time to move forward for right now,,,,,

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