It was a pleasant Sunday here.  My partner cooked me breakfast in bed, we got dressed soon after I finished eating, then we headed out to our local flea market to try and expand our ever-growing collection of items cluttering up the apartment.

During our staggered walk through the many vendors, I noticed one lady what had a small table of stuff she was selling.  She stood out because she sat in the passenger seat of her older vehicle with the door wide open.  She was trying to weather the early heat of the day so she had her car on, and her hair was blowing around her face from the way her a/c was pointed at her going full blast.  All I could think of was how she was going to screw up her car or run out of fuel just sitting there. 

Then I saw a few old picture frames she had laying on her table.  Some of them had religious quotes in them, but they looked like something printed on a regular printer on regular paper.  A little orange sticker on each frame read "$10".  "What?" my partner asked.  I grabbed him by his shirt sleeve and pulled him away before he made a scene.  He was not only confused by how she was wasting away her car's fuel and life, but how she thought she had just set up shop at some expensive mall. 

"She's got a strong dose of reality coming to her," I reassured him.  We laughed at how incredible the experience was, and decided to keep walking to look for bargains.  Eighteen dollars later, my partner and I walked by the same lady who hadn't changed a bit.  She looked cooler now that it was cloudy, but the car's engine was making a funny rattling sound, and she hadn't sold a thing on her table. 

We found a nice piano stool (in great condition) and it had a seat full of song books.  The old man was kind enough to let my partner have it for twelve bucks.  The old man's son let me have a box of 30 wirebound college ruled notebooks for six dollars.  We did good, shopped smart, and couldn't help but wonder how that lady was going to look back on her selling experience at our local flea market.


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