I hope this message finds everyone well and if you are not so well, I pray and hope that you will feel better soon.

Well my very dear friend is doing better and is looking better. She is still on high doses of antibiotics but is hanging in there. I have managed to spend time with her every evening. I call her about three times a day to make sure she is okay and kinda "boss" her around about taking it easy. I have convinced her that the world will not fall apart completely if she takes it easy for at least another week or two. So, she has called her employers and has booked time off work and has asked other family members to fulfill commitments that she had. So, she listened and is on her way to recovery. Following my major anxiety attack the other night, I have managed to stay calm and feel okay about everything. I think that attack left an emotional scar on me and I so don't want to go there anymore. I, myself, have decided to take the day off work today and get things done around the house. I have a waterfront property that I go to every weekend to enjoy peace and serenity of nature. I feel like a kid when I go there because I can't wait to play in the water. I was supposed to host a bbq dinner tomorrow but decided that my week was filled with unexpected surprises so I cancelled. It's amazing how life goes on even though we can break plans that were already made. It really is all about self care. I miss my boys alot. There still live in the same house but both have decided to work full time at their jobs for the summer. One works 9-5 and the other 5pm-midnight. It is early in the morning, I put dinner in the crockpot, cleaned my kitchen and a load of laundry. Now I am sitting here drinking my one and only coffee of the day.
It's the small things that are enjoyable.

I want to thank you all for being here. I appreciate and am grateful for each and everyone one of you. Take care.

  1. Shelley5716 10 years ago

    I too am having my one and only cup of coffee this mornin .. I am so glad u are feeling better, I am myself. It is the small things in life that are the best, but a lot of times, we take them for granted.

    Sounds like u have a good plan for the day … I pray God\'s blessings on u today, that peace will surround u and joy will fill ur heart.

    Have an amazing day my friend …


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  2. cassangel69 10 years ago

    I am so glad your friend and You are doing good today =) I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of peace =) xoxo, cass

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