**A large number of my posts on this page will actually be reposts of blogs that I have written on my Myspace page.***

I originally wrote this on Tuesday, September 19, 2006……

**First off, I freely admit to stealing the title of this blog from none other than Stan “the Man” Lee.**

Am I forever fated to be ignored by this extraverted society? To only be acknowledged as the guy who never talks. Are attempts to overcome shyness and social anxiety simply exercises in futility.

I can hear you already…”You’re being WAY too negative Danny. You’ve got to keep trying”.

It’s very likely that I will decide to keep trying, but often I find that it’s VERY hard to motivate myself. I’ve made more attempts to beat shyness than I can count. I make bold proclamations and set goals only to find myself back at square one a couple of weeks later. Why? If I were destined to beat shyness wouldn’t I have done so already? Am I looking at this whole social anxiety thing in the wrong way? Lately, I’ve been asking these questions a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if shyness is a fundamental part of who I am. If I’m not shy, am I me? Many of my own unique ways of looking at the world stem from my shyness, without it I’d probably be a completely different person. Is shyness the odd mental glue that holds together the various sides of my personality?

As a child I was thought of as the quiet kid. Now, after many years of saying “this time I’m going to beat it”, I am thought of as the quiet guy. Why? You’d think I would have made some progress after all this time. Maybe the quiet me was meant to be.

How do you know when to just accept some things? Should you ever accept anything? Should I work for or against my shyness? Perhaps neither. Maybe I should work with my shyness. Who knows?

A bunch of questions and no answers, that’s the way my mind works.


*After writing this I came to the conclusion to keep struggling against my shyness.*

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  1. MsAnthropy 15 years ago

    Good write! My daughter is in a feeding group and they make the kids try something 10 times even if they hate it the first. At the end if one doesn’t like something their not forced anymore because they have then shown an experienced judgement. Most of them end up liking the new item, it was just the intitial sensation that was hard to get over.
    If you’ve tried to put yourself out there a couple of times and didn’t enjoy it, it might not be a disabeler but a preference. Big question is ARE YOU HAPPY BEING THE QUIET ONE? If so good I think it’s a talent that most cant hold. But if not then never give up the attempts because you know what will make you happy in the end.

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