So i feel to write another blog after all. Ive found to be on my gaurd if my life starts to be okay. Numorous times in the past i have been really great suddenly..and just as so as im great something comes along even quicker and blows it to ..pieces to be nice. So my life..i say its decent right now and my gaurd is very much up. I supose im in a very peachy mood at the moment to be all honest. I really like Nickelback..pretty much every song they have made are good. Which is rare..usually i like a song from a band..get the cd..and the one i like is the best one. I havnt did that recently..then again i dont buy alot of cds suits me just fine *looks up at her hair thats poofing and curl 

     I sometimes dislike my wild natural curvey hair. i think i got that lil gene that makes everything curvy >.< which is good sometimes..also means with hips everything i eat goes to them. But i have been working out..just not this week considering ive been in bed all week from a bad upper repiratory infection..blahh.

     I want my own bad i could taste it..we went today to look at furniture..i found some really cool stuff..i know what my bedroom will look like..but not the living room..hmm..i think i should do the bathroom in lions.i cant tell you guys how much i love lions im a good way. over them. I gotta start saving the money though if i get that MOD position maybe i can..or if they give my boss more hours to play he badly needs. all i need big items is living room things. not sure where im gonna put that fold couch..maybe it will fit in bedroom or living room..i should do the kitchen in piggies..haha..this is actually cheering me font and background are very sarcastic colors..i say that because grey is dark and down..and yellow is quite the very hidden with some of my stuff  gotta watch me its just the  in me . im letting my hair grow out as i loose weight..i want it pretty and long..ive never dyed my hair so its nice a thick..and brown with natural red highlights in the nails are getting long to..they feel good to me when i let my hair down and whatnot. my friends dont complain about the nice headscratches they get eaither lol make this blog not toatly pointless :p i found out something i had never though of this but where did the word "blog" come from? its short for "web log" they squished it and got blog..i saw "we blog" in it though haha


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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Nice to hear, you’re having a good day. Love

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