Okay so ever had that person when they are driving ,or you are driving, and they make you nervous? they like playing with EVERYTHING in your car while you drive? or if your the passenger then they go 20mph over the speed limit EVERYWHERE and are just like crusing along? im thinking where the f- is the cops? get me outta here officer XD ..lol if it was me theyd be sitting right around the corner.

My mom does that crap..i dont want to ride with her anymore..ive had a wreck that spun me around three times and put me see-sawing on a ditch. my lovely car was mildly hurt thank god..my mentality however suffered some. She drives one of the big 07 Tahoes my friends..it could jump a ditch..and i think shes trying to find out if it will. It also overhandles bad.i had to blog about this when i got home and kissed the ground.

She "Chops" to..though ive found most women do..alot of my girl friends do to..for those who dont know that term "chopping" is its where when ur driving "straight" you go back and fourth slightly with your hands on the steering wheel. ITs barly noticable ..but it bothers me..and doing 60 in a 40 it becomes a bigger issue and its noticable. Also when im driving my car she will play with things in the back seat or fittle with something all the time..i have a few friends who do this to..it just bothers me..makes me tense and nervous. She takes the big purse to..with all these coupons sticking out everwhere..and just God knows what else..i cant stand my car to be cluddered ;-; theres my rant for today*sigh* much better now.

oh! addition..she also drives and picks at everything on her face..always..know anyone like that? >.<

Comment are welcome. Random or on topic lol

  1. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    Sounds like Mom has her own brand of ocd.  Just never been diagnosed.

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  2. CarGirl 13 years ago

    i dont know how she turned out how she did.my grandmother is the closest person in the world to me shes a amazing person. And then u have mom…shes quite rude and just does whatever she pleases.i dont think its ocd really…

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