*I just want to start off by sharing my symptoms, in a very basic list.

*I will gladly share anything else. Go in to as much detail as you want ( Which is easier to do after my symptoms have been shared)

*Answer any questions, Since there is not quite any explanations on this page, questions are welcomed ! !

*Start sharing my stories.





Contamination Fears / Anxiety:

-Glass Ketchup Bottles
-Door Handles
-Touching People & hugging
-Getting licked by dogs

Order / Patterns

-Lining up all my hand sanitziers
-Everything on a shelf must be in an exact spot
-Patterns cannot be out of order (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple )
-Construction paper lined up in rainbow order
-Big to little, Tall to small, etc. (Pencils, paper, etc)
-Making sure the sink is lined up just right in the middle
-Eveness (2 pieces of paper, 2 staples, 2 napkins)

-Obsessing over a bump, or a bug bite, or any type of mark or bruise on me.
I’ll keep checking or asking about it until I feel safe.
-If I feel sick I will obsessively check my temperature, if I am actually sick I will do it more often and worry that I am “dying” or ask “is something happening to me”
-Always checking / looking to see if someone is hurt especially during the winter time.


-Same thoughts over and over (like a song stuck in my head)
-Numbers / Counting
-License plates
-Letters to words
-Repeating phrases


-Digital clocks / Adding
-License Plates
-Counting items
-Tapping my fingers a lot
-Counting in my head repetitively


-Putting things in order
-Line things up
-Make things even and just right
– If I feel anxious and like my thoughts won’t stop I have to clean EVERYTHING mostly at work.

My Thoughts

-Counting in my head
-Certain words and letters
-My thoughts make me feel like I am “crazy”
-My thoughts can be all over the place
-My thoughts are like a spider web sometimes
-My thoughts are very repetitive, over and over again
-My thoughts sometimes tell me that I will feel better if I hurt myself

-Glass ketchup bottles
-Winter ice
-I will not swim in the ocean ever.


  1. Lidia 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, I'm sure we all relate to some of that. I certainly do!!

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  2. jessicaaannxxx 8 years ago

    Hey guys thanks for the comments here !


    Sharks and ocean. My thoughts go from A – Z. ( For a lot of things ) there is no in between / processing some things. My thoughts jump from, "I'm in the ocean swimming and having fun but in just a few seconds the sharks will be surrounding me ). I do not remember the last time I swam in the ocean and I cannot go in there because like I said, you can tell me a million times in a row that sharks won't typically come to the surface. but my thoughts think opposite. I'll be working my new OCD specialist very soon on this issue, exposure therapy, and for a lot of my other issues. Thanks guys!

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  3. Quest 8 years ago

    Quite a few things you listed I have severe trouble with as well.  Totally relate to it.

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  4. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    Seems as though you have 'em all. Rituals, obcessiveness, compulsions phbias: germs, cleanlinres, fear of objects, checking and rechecking. I imagine there isn't one moment of peace.

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