ITs been a while since I have written , I have been battling the anxiety demond badly , had to go back to my doctor a couple of weeks ago because the dosage of Lexapro that I was on was not enough , I was taking 10 MG at night but once I got up in the morning that 10 MG had worn off & I was feeling horrible , so I increased that dosage on my own started taking `10 MG in the mornings unfortunately by the time the afternoon would come around , that 10 MG would wear off & once again I was having break through anxiety . Now being that I am ADD I am unable to regulte my emotions , so having anxiety made things even worse , I noticed that when the Lexapro wore off so did my focus , the more my anxiety was up the harder it was for me to concentrate , especially on simple things like grocery shopping , blogging , making a grocery list or just cleaning house , organzing my home , I wasn't getting any joy out of these thing , when normally I do get joy out of these things . I knew I had to do something , I called my doctor's office back told them I had to see some one , that I was miserable , plus was having miagraine head aches . I went back just a couple of weeks ago , my Lexapro was increased to 20 MG at night time , I was also put on Buspirone 5 MG twice a day . OF course getting the dosage for the Buspirone has been a little challanging , but I have finally gotten the dosage down I take my Buspirone at around 9am & then again at around 4:45 , I am still on the Topamax for the Miagraines but I am slowly tappering off of it , I have gone down from 100 MG down to 75 MG , I haven't quit cold turkey , finally my sleep has not been all that great , I know the Lexapro & Buspirone has cause Insomnia & of course having Anxiety disorder insomna comes with it , so my doctor has put me on Trazodone 50 MG but I am only taking half of that dosage 25 MG , The first night I took it at 10:30 , took me a couple hours to fall asleep , then last night I look it at 10pm , went to sleep at 12:20 which is early for me , slept all through the night until my fitbit buzzed at 8:45 this morning for me to eat breakfast & take my morning dosage of Buspirone & vitamines . The one thing I will say is that being ADD is a challange but being ADD along with Anxiety disorder is a major challange but I am slowly learning to manage , learning to listen to my brain / body , I have my good days & my bad days ..

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  1. godsgal81 5 years ago

    I\'m on day 3 of Trazodone , today was really tired , simply because yesterday I did a lot . The Trazodone along with the rest of the medication helps to keep me in that calm zone which is wonderful

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