This is my first official blog, outside some comments made to this site. How is everyone doing. This seems to have the potential to be a good place for me. I have had bipolar disorder since I was fifteen, and I am now twenty nine. It has been a constant battle. My late teens and early twenties were very difficult. Since that time I have learned ways to control my mind, at least find some solace, and stay positive even in the lowest times. Although recently I have been met with much hardship. Last year my father passed, he was an alcoholic, and suffered from depression. Of course he would not get help, and his liver eventually went out. It was without question one of the most horrifying things I will ever experiance in my life. Not even three months later my wife (we had been living together 5 1/2 years and I split up) I say wife because we were not legally married, but when you are together that long, living together, you are pretty much married. Anyway we split up. The break up got kinda ugly, disrespectful, toward me mainly. I have been trying to be cool, and not hateful or vengeful. I plan to keep on keepin’ on… That being said, I feel sorta weird today, and that is why I am glad to have been invited to this site. Please hit me up anytime. Know that I can truly relate with depression. I battle it every day. It starts from the moment we open our eyes in the morning (or whenever we wake up), to our decending thoughts that find us into sleep. Anyway I probably already made this first post too long. I need to get some breakfast… Look forward to reading/communicating with you all.



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