Figured I haven't done this and it's supposed to help right?


In a nutshell, this is the situation: friend had gf, friend dump gf for her own benefit, thought he was in the way etc and ended nicely, few days later they went out as friends … she needs a bit of space … week later he wants her bk, she doesnt like him atm … i've tried building bridges … she blocked me, he goes on about her and talks suicidally and stuff but shes being up her own ass


now heres the part where i feel im being used … im putting in all this effort of messaging and phoning etc … he had done nothing! … no phoning, no messaging … just whining … she too has not tried to contact him and says she doesnt wanna be friends atm … o but she cares for him of course … not enough to talk to him and stop his suicidal tendancies by just explaining to him … or at least trying …


so neither of them CAN (apparently) talk to each other … but im ok as the messenger?? o despite the fact that they r both stubborn and dnt share much … wait … so what message am i suppose to give her? "i want her bk" … romantic coming from me, is it not?


o and hers "i dont wanna be friends … im happy now" … o thats not gonna be hard for me at all honey


So heres two endings that can fit:


1. She continues as she is, he commits suicide (he has a history of attempting suicide btw) and i break her pretty little face apart at his funeral, whilst left on my own without a so-called best friend




2.She talks to him and calms him down, they continue as friends and see how it goes, i get a friend back whos happy, shes happy … everyone seems happy


or finally


3.Rather optimistic: They get bk together, they fall in love all over again, they grow old together blah blah blah … and ive wasted my time yet again


All this and guess what? i have my own problems!


Lets review problems in comparison: His "My gf broke up with me and i blame it all on her why im suicidal, and am willing to do nothing to help myself"


And mine: "I've been dealing with depression since my dad tried to beat me up and i stood up to him cos my entire family blamed it on me for … and i quote … PUSHING HIM … not literally, just his temper … for the last six months my parents have been arguing and on the brink of divorce, again this week it also happened, where even my mum wanted to walk out and divorce my dad … my friends r wrapped up in their own issues, especially the one above, claiming to be my best friend, for example: i say 'my parents r on the brink of divorcing' and he says 'things arent much better here either' … o bk to him already i see"


so im helping everyone else and getting nothing in return… and my question is am i being used? and how do u make it stop? 

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  1. shur1 14 years ago

    I know how upsetting it is when sometimes we manage to fall out of favor with parents and never really know how to make things right again but time will heal your situation with your dad reminds me of what my brother went through with his dad and it was later realized that my brother was no longer a little boy he was becoming a man and it was his stand with his father that day that sent a message that he had finally reach manhood i believe that is the lesson with you and your father btw my mother threatened to leave my dad too just like your mother and they are still married years later.its a passage from boyhood to manhood and in time years from now you will look upon it as a lesson you overcame.

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