I love….

I love that feeling when your lying in bed, or outside, and a cold breeze flows onto your face.

I love the smell of the grass just after it has rained.

I love walking along the beach, rolling up my pants and walking knee deep in the water.

I love elevator music.

I love lying out on a grass field and having the sun hit my face.

I love walking through tall grass, and letting the top of the grass touch my hands.

I love looking up at the vast darkness of a night sky.

I love the sound of crickets in the grass on a warm Summer night.

I love it when a complete stranger genuinly smiles at you.

I love it when that smile makes you smile back.

I love watching an old black and white movie.

I love to listen to music, and close my eyes.

I love to be stupid sometimes. To go crazy.

I love the sound of the wind playing with the leaves in the trees.

I love autumn when the brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow fall to the ground.

I love sitting by a woodfire.

I love when lightening fills the sky will violent shades of purple and white.

I love the sound of rain the roof.

I love it when a song gives brings the bumps up on your arm.

I love the colours a candle brings to a dark room.

I love watching an old cartoon.

I love watching children play. So innocent.

I love …..




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