Yesterday was chaotic, as I've said to some of you already. I put Zach on the bus as usual, the ran down to the store I work at to drop off a script at the pharmacy. I walked by my manager and boss and walked out the door. As soon as I get in the car my cell phone rings. It's my manager asking if I'm coming to work today! I asked her if I was supposed to, and it turns out I got my days mixed up because I thought I had to work TODAY instead. I ran home, changed as quickly as I could, drove back to work and worked only 3 and a 1/2 hours. 🙁

I apologized profusely, but both my manager and boss were just so relieved to see me that they were welcoming and happy to have me there. I was appreciative that I didn't get yelled at or reprimanded for it. They know I'm honest and I never just not show up. I always call if I'm not going to make it for some reason, and try to call several hours ahead of time at least.

So after I got home I got Zach off the bus and then got him a snack and a drink. I decided to lay down for a couple of minutes to rest my eyes, and ended up sleeping for almost 2 hours! I woke up to Mom making dinner, Zachary playing on the computer and my husband complaining of a bad stomach-ache and watching the news.

Even after the long nap I felt exhausted, so after we put Zachary to bed we decided to call it a night. I fell asleep right away, but woke up around 1:30 a.m. and was up for awhile. Then I scared the hell out of my husband because I was dreaming and yelled out, " Where do you think you're going?!" at him, and he answered back, " Nowhere honey, I'm here in bed with you!". Ohh the stories I could tell about my midnight rantings, lol.

This morning I'm still tired but happy because I get my paycheck today and my new schedule for next week. I'm surprised by my eagerness tobe at work again. I just feel so much better not sitting at home all the time. I'm not getting many hours but that's okay, it's summertime and it's slow because all of the northerners went home already. We rely heavilyon their business.

My husband is home sick today again. We seem to have brought home some sort of stomach bug and not only have we caught it but we gave it (or got it from) Mindy and Joshua. This is 2 weeks straight of being sick with something, and I'm tired of it. I hate stomach bugs, they're the worst I think. Poor Zach couldn't even get down the little that I gave him for breakfast; told me his tummy told him "not to eat it". 🙁

I have nothing philosophical to say today, so I'll just leaveit at that. I'm going to go get my check and then take anap. (((HUGS))) to all who need it! They're always free here! 🙂


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