Man I have been a member of this site for a really long time. on 7/11/14 i celebrated 25 years clean. last Monday I turned 60 years old. I have over 300 blogs I have written on my page. I don't hang here as much as I used to mostly because of all the people who ask for help when you give suggestions they do not take them. you know truly being miserable with your life is not an option today, using is not an option today. what in F#$k is it going to take to make you seek the solution and stop living in the problem? no I do not sugar coat anything, I shoot from the hip, I will call you on your bulls$#t and you cannot con a conman as good as me. I have told many sponsees in the past if you can give me a good reason to use i will go with you and even buy the crap to get loaded on. I have not spent a single cent on any dope. stop cheating yourself out of a better life. it is possible to live with out drugs. technically time in the program does not mean crap if you don't do something with it. it is always quality over quantity.

get your ass to a meeting. find people who are clean and find out how they do it. your not alone and your ass is certainly not unique. it is very sad that so many of us addicts have to die so a few of us can live. you want to know more? go to my page and read a few blogs and then friend me I will help any addict who will go to NA lengths to stay clean. it's your choice change or die. it's is there for the taking. if your sick of being sick and tired find help. seek it out and it will be given to you free of charge. all you have to do is ask……..I also have my own Recovery site on FB called JJ's Recovery Rants. we have over 460 members with well over 1400 years of clean time. you're welcome to check it out……

Aloha and Hugs,



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