Hello. This is my first blog post so I don’t know how this will be. I’ll just cut straight to the point – I’ve noticed recently that I sometimes feel quite emotionally distant from people (hence the title of this – ghost). I mean, I don’t have trouble being emphatic with people and stuff, I just feel like a robot, nodding my head when they’re talking, offering the occasional input. Sometimes though I feel like I’m just faking my reactions for the sake of social expectations. I don’t feel like I’m really contributing, rather I’m just one of tbsps wknd up toys that has to keep being reset after every social situation. I like to think I’m quite an interesting person (I often like to tell people random facts I found lately) but I jut feel mechanical. I not entirely sure what the purpose of this post was (other than that I haven’t done a blog before) but, you know, if anyone’s got any recommendations I’d love to hear them. I do have friends and family that I can talk to, I just feel like they’ll be like “WTF that sounds a bit weird” if I’m like “oh don’t mind me I just don’t feel anything right now» 👻 Oh well, here’s a little ghost because it’s autumn now and it’s time to get spooky 🎃

  1. dualguru 3 years ago

    Hi. To me it doesn’t seem you could do much more than observe this fact. That is, unless you do feel some emotional component to let come. Please know that I too have felt what you describe and later on it passes, or I don’t notice it. Noticing and then judging seems to bring the most perplexity.

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  2. piscesbs 3 years ago

    Also a ghost, but us spectors can still people. It’s just harder because, since mood stability is pretty much dead, this is what we have to do to hang onto what life we DO have (whatever percentage THAT might be). It just becomes easy to fall on after a while, but someone will find a way to make you feel grounded to the earth even though you feel lost and empty. In fact, still trying to convince myself of THIS VERY statement …

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