YAY!! it only took like 4 months, but my new industrial bar is FINALLY in!

While i was at work today my body piercer came in. He's so awesome. It goes like this; Benny: "did you get myj facebook message?" Me:"Nooo?" Benny: "your bar came in last last year!" Me: "REALLY?! argh! yay!!" Benny : "haha yeah i've been wondering why you haven't came in" Me "i'll be in tomorrow or the next day!" Benny; "it's very pretty! it matches your ring perfectly!" Me; "aww yay!" So guess what i'm doing tomorrow! Getting my new bar. YAY. Its a rook to helix industrial. I got the actual piercings months and months ago. Been waiting for this day for a while. Not sure how work witll like it. Might have to wear my hair down for a while.

Seeing Benny has got me thinking.. I think i might get a dermal anchor. I want one on my clavicle. I was thinking i want a new piercing just the other day. I've read up a bit on them, and apparently the dermals don't reject as much as just a regular bar, and the clavicle or chest is one of the best places for not rejecting. I'm going to have a conversation with Benny about it anyway. See what he says. I trust this guy and his opinion. So what he says.. GOES! I guess the only thing that is stopping me from even getting this thing done tomorrow is my boyfriend. I worry he won't like it. He's quite christian with these things. But honestly, I don't think he'd be TOO concirned. Might just surprise him with it. Hehe I miss him!

Work was actually ok today. My managers all seem to be in a good mood, which makes me in a good mood, and the customers seemed to be in a good mood, so everyones happy. I told one of the girls i get along with well about my new bar, we're both excited lol.


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