there was a discussion on a forum that was about how to have "the talk" with neg partners. and someone said there was someone that discriminated aginst them because they have had cancer. there are all kinds of discrimination. i try to love everyone. but in doing that i have learned how to accept others in order to be accepted. if i say i dont like black ppl (the most common discrimination in america) then i will never be around another black person for him to decide weather or not he likes me. and vice versa. but i remember when i did not accept pp. did not try to love ppl, did not love myself too much either. but what did i know about love. you cant expect negs to just jump in the basket that we dont ourselves want to be in.

part a: learn to be happy with yourself by yourself. (what does everyone want but what they cant have?)

part b: socilize for the exposure. put your purposes in your purse and keep them there. whats better practice than exposure?

part c: let others draw to you not the other way around.

ppl have to learn acceptance on their own terms. it cant be tought or forced. only nertured once discovered. you cant grow a tree you have to allow it to grow under its own terms.


gays have the same fears as straights. but more to the point poz have the same fears as non-poz. why do you think they fail to try to meet other poz. well this is self talk because i aswell have a fear of being with another poz. i dont want to catch his/her hiv. i already have my own thanks. but if were going to choose to not be alone we have to learn how to trust again. if you expect others to accept you then you have to first learn to accept others, or i do anyways. i was dating a lady that was neg when i found out. let me tell you that it is not easy for either party. as the neg you have to accept the hardships that are coming down the road. with me (the poz) i have to accept that someone is going to have to watch as this virus runs its course. there are alot of other feelings that have to be delt with. but i think first you have to relearn how to love yourself. this is the stage im at. i lost the love for myself and trust me i feel like i broke up with my childhood sweetheart. but time heals all wounds. or so they say.


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