My husband Jim and I spent 2 weeks on the road. When we left our home we drove through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebrakas, Wyoming, then onto Montana where we spent 1 week. As my husband's son Jerry and his family live in Great Falls. Jerry has 3 children and the oldest Kye is 12, Rachael 5, Madelyn 1 month old. The problem was when we met the children for the first time it was apparent to me that the children had no knowledge of us at all. Then it made me wonder what do they with the gifts we do send. We were invited for Rachael's 5th birthday. The last day we saw them we took them out to dinner and Rachael yells out I hate that girl. I had no idea of who she was talking about. Then her brother Kye tells me don't take it personal as she says that all of the time. Then Rachael was sitting on Jerry's lap and she looked right at me and said, I hate he told her we are the ones who send nice gifts. Rachael still persisted to say she hated me. It was also strange as we couldn't pick up the baby or really do anything with the children as someone was always watching us like a hawk. I tried to give Kye a hug and he just pulled away from me. Now I wonder what thio those kids have been really told.

On our trip I was dealing with my feet severly swollen and ankles look deformed. We got back from our trip yesterday and then last night my husband took me to the ER as my feet are so dam swollen I can barely walk. The doctor said, it was from my kidneys as my kidneys are barely working. Then today my husband has a heart attack and now he is in the hospital. I feel scared as I don't want anything to happen to him. He is my best friend along with my husband of 27 yrs.

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  1. patie 8 years ago

    wish you and your husband a quick recovery. i understand what you went through during your visit, it happens but dont think so much of it lest you get yourself sick. life goes on.

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