Hello DT, I know it's been awhile since I've been on here but I've been trying to get help with my depression and bettering myself. While I was trying to do this, my boyfriend of over 2 years abruptly broke up with me. He told me that he didn't love me and that he hadn't love me in months but he stilled stayed with me. It really sucked to hear those words come from him because we may have had our problems but we always talked it out and moved on. I devoted over 2 years of my life to be with him, put up with his mom and sister treating me like crap but developng a close relationship with his nephews and neice. When he told them that we were no longer together they cried because they said that they'll never see me again and that they loved me. I felt horrible. I knew the kids liked me but I never knew how much and it gives me so much pain to know that these kids fell in love with me.

So, a few days ago he called me and told me that everything that he said to me was a lie and that he did love me and that he feels as though I am not the one for him and that he still would like for us to be friends. Which I agreed to but before that I let him know that what he did waswrong and that I was still hurt by his actions. So, its been awhile but I've been trying to talk to him in a freindly way but its like he doesn't care. He already has someone else that he talking to and it seems as f he doesn't want to be my friend. So even though he's being a prick, I'm trying not to be a b**** to him because I believe in karma. So in my mind, how he treated me is going to come right back to him and bite him hard and I hope it does. I hope he feels the heartache and pain he putme through.


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