I just joined this site a bit earlier today, and thought I’d give a brief introduction.
I’m a 22 yr old trans man with a lot of anxiety and nowhere to put it!

Introducing myself anywhere is normally a nightmare, especially in person, but I had a bad enough day today that I figured I’d say “screw it” and join a community! I’ve always been too anxious to join any sort of support group before due to one terrible experience a couple of years back, but since things have been troubling me enough lately, I figured that I could at least try it out online.

I’m a psychology major (and just graduated today with my Bachelor’s degree actually!) and I love all things about the mind and how it works.
Ironically, I have little clue on how to take care of myself mentally :^)
That’s mostly due to the unsupportive family (and location) I’m stuck in, along with my social anxiety always telling me it’s too scary to reach out.

I have at least spoken to a therapist for a few months, though I definitely need to involve myself in a community of sorts. So far, my main “happy places” are various gaming youtubers and interest-related chats and discord servers, buuut those places and people can be involved with drama pretty easily, which isn’t very helpful. I also only have one friend currently, who I adore very much, and they are partially why I’m reaching out here!
As wonderful as they’ve been and as much support as they’ve given me, I feel bad having them be basically my only form of support :’)

I want to make more close pals, though I’ve been too down in the dumps to really convince myself to try. I’m hoping that joining here will help me foster a more healthy mindset and encourage me to chat to more people!
Nice to meet you!

(Also, the profile picture is mine! He’s one of my comfort characters also named Everett. And yes, he’s a lantern)


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