Why did I take this picture?

Adult daughter survived and ended a toxic abusive relationship situation.

She couldn’t fix him.

We are all mere human and can only fix ourselves.

She bought a cheerful and cute gingerbread people measuring set the other day.

It fell out of her shopping bag and the female gingerbread person in it turned into broken pieces.

She looked around for the broken pieces to glue them back together.   She wanted it make it still work.  Half of the girl gingerbread measuring person was simply gone.   It was no where to be found.

Some things are just broken and can’t be fixed.

We just have to a accept this about people and situations in life at times.  It isn’t always what we wanted but it is how it works out sometimes.

She started over with a whole new not broken measuring set and is moving on.

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  1. mjdxadazilme 1 year ago

    Needed to hear that!!!

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