Hey folks!

Rye, I  called LIB last nite and she says to give you and everybody her love. She and her son were still in the North Georgia mountains…She is  having a ball but I got the impression that her son will be glad to get back to civilization… By the way….found out that his birthday is the same as mine: Sept, 11th !…..only a   ah- hem\…..few years later than mine…

 I had to break the sad news to her that Backstreet Isn\’t here anymore! \ Like so many of Atlanta landmarks and places to party and have fun, it has been replaced by a gleaming Glass-and-stainless steel high-rise Condo building….Atlanta has lost most of  it\’s soft southern touch and is quickly becoming as Dixie Carter of Designing Women described  an in-law : "Charm Free".

By the way, Nancy was a HOOT to talk to and everyone else had gone to bed by the time we wrapped it up at 11PM  ….I * may * have just discovered someone whos is just as much a talker As I am!  :-)She said she doubts that they will come through Atlanta on this trip but in the future, who knows? It would sure be nice to put a person to the voice now that we\’ve spoken!………………………………………………………….about an hour later : ………….OH am I still online??   I was tucking Adam into bed  ( shut-up Rye , I said TUCKING ! \)   and making sure he\’s comfortable….Hes finally getting over that rotten chest cold and the last two days off have really helped him. I KNOW he\’s feeling better because now he\’s starting to complain about all the vitamines and stuff that I\’\’m making him take. When he was really sick last week he didn\’t have the strength to say No. Now hes whining and complaining about everything!  I THINK it\’s time for him to go back to work….Hopefully, I\’ll be able to dodge this bullet …I felt like I was coming down with it last week but then felt better…..Besides, it\’s an understood house rule that we both can\’t  get sick at the same time!
Now hes all comfy in bed and I\’m in the back of the house wide awake!!!\
Later Babies!



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