In the past 2 or 3 weeks now my son has had to deal with ignorant people at his school.  A few weeks ago his science teacher was teaching them about HIV when a student yells out that all people with hiv should be quarentined.  Then another student says to let all people with hiv die.   You can only imagine how upset my son was.   He was so mad he tried to text me to pick him up then the teacher saw him and took his phone away.  To say the least by the time he got home he was beat red and steaming.  I cannot blame him and I told him I was proud of him for not going off.  But I felt so bad for him.  It is bad enough for us adults to have to deal with it but to see my child go through this was very painful and upsetting.


His social worker at his doctor office told me if I ever need any help to call her so I did and she couldn\'t believe she was hearing this in this day and age.  They are supposed to be going to the school to educate this idiots.


Then today my son comes home and now his German teacher was making wise cracks about how the hiv activists are stupid for trying to fight for us.  WTF????   I tried to call the school to talk to the principle but they were already closed so believe me they are getting a call tomorrow.



So yea i am a little upset right now and they are really lucky they were gone for the day cause I need a day to cool off before trying to talk with them.

  1. Loki 13 years ago

    Nonnie, I would like to say something funny here but I’m a bit stunned at the moment.  WHAT school district are you in anyway? Hillbilly Holler? I would expect this sort of thing  here in Atlanta  where some of our school systems are still teaching that the word is 6,000 years old!  Georgia also claims some ot the most BAT-S**** crazy representatives short of Minnesota.  They still adjourn meetings with, "We will convene next week at the same time, unless of course the rapture comes, in which case the meeting will be canceled."

    I’m so relieved to see that we don’t hold the franchise on total hair-brained ignorance!

     Now here’s a big hug to you and your son. Like Delin said, go kick ass and take names! These people need to be held accountable for their actions. Are they not payed with your taxpayer money? Be strong and channel your anger love.

    Love, loki

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  2. nonnerdeen 13 years ago

    A couple of his friends know and one of the friends were in the class when it happened yesterday. She went home and told her mom and the mom called the priinciple.  I don’t think the mom knows my son is poz though.  I did reassure him that not all people are that way and how it is wrong for his teacher to pass on his beliefs about a subject to his students.  He is there to teach german not his beliefs.  That is no different then if he is prejudice against blacks or hispanics or whoever and starts talking bad about them.

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  3. nonnerdeen 13 years ago

    And if ya really want to call his name is Mr. Kreiger.  He is a German teacher and the phone number is 480-474-3980

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  4. nonnerdeen 13 years ago

    I spoke to the principle and he was pretty upset and is going to talk with the teacher.  I found out this german teacher also teaches science for a couple of classes and that worries me cause what is he teaching about the hiv when it comes up?  I’m glad my son doesn’t have him for science too.  I talked with his social worker and she said she was calling the school today too.  I am still kind of in disbelief this is going on in this day and age and we are in a decent size community.   it isn’t some small town in the middle of nowhere.  Our town is about 40,000 and the town next to us that buses to the school is about 10,000 so it is really unbelievable to me this is happening.   Anyway i wanted to update you all that the principle will be talking to the teacher.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

    And thank you all so much for your support!!!!

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