Hi. Wow , I had an overly hectic day. I have not been this worn out in a long long time. Geez. Had to take care of 5 peoples money. Still hoeing weeds , then had to go to walmart. I stood in line with 8 items for 45 minutes. NO JOKE. I also helped a guy move. He has HIV as well. Not from me. LOL. I just met him. Talked to my ex. That is sort of a rarity. He is 6'1 & he says he is down to 140. OMG. My son went to Shreveport to see his sisters & work. My cook is gone. Guess I will starve , lol. I called ex to tell him about our son. & kind of check on him. He is full blown. I worry about him, I really do . Even after all the crap he put me through. we still have children between  us. The kids (grown) have the worry of it all. Their Dad mainly. He is broke, living in a scum motel with a prostitute. Across from the hospital at least lol. He told me he still loved me when I said good by , but I just said "Take Care & God Bless". was that ok? I initiated the call, but not to say I love you. But rather, How are you? And also  if he talked to his daughter to tell her to call our son. I am afraid he is dying & I won't be able to say good by. We thought about placing him in a nursing home , as he also suffered brain damage in a prison fight, fracturing his skull in 3 places. So , we are caught between what he wants , but we are thinking of the care he needs , that he is not getting from the woman who is staying with him. The law does say that our son has priority over his father's needs over the girlfriend. So what do any of you all think about a nursing home? Peace, Shanna

  1. sweetsteph 15 years ago

    i guess it depends on the care he needs,and keeping himself well,my mom and sis live in nursing homes i know they are better off and if i ever need to go i guess i will go so i can get the care i need ,i wont ever burden my kids taking care of me …

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  2. LoriB 15 years ago

    Ask yourself if you would want to be in one. How about a group home? I would suggest you speak with his case manager or if he does not have one get him signed up somewhere. There maybe other options available. First thing I would do is check the options.

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  3. shanna71 15 years ago

    We have considered a group home. The ex wants to stay where he is, because hid father is buried in that city. Like, I said AIDS aside, he has suffered a fair to moderate amount of brain damage & is in a lot of ways child like. I guess I should quit worrying about him & go on & let my kids handle it. Thanks for all of your input.:)

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