Well I guess its time to do an update. Needless to say I am in some severe pain, I am told it is to be expected with abdominal surgery, but still I was not expecting it at all. Its something that I am sure will pass in a few days. I just gotta breathe through it right now. The nausea medicine that the doctor gave me, makes me so sick to my stomach, and gives me headaches so bad that I just wanna puke my guts out. (Haha funny, considering I only have like 20% stomach left) The Surgery went smooth from what I was told. It only took about 2 and a half hours, which is good. I was pretty much out of it all day Wednesday (The day of the surgery) and yesterday (Day one after the surgery) today, I am up and about, doing some walking around, not too much, because there is still a risk of tear, so I am taking it easy, and I am keeping liquids down. I have an awful cough that won't let up, but that is from the anesthesia apparently, which also should pass in a couple of days. I have been craving Pizza for weeks. Ha. Don't think I'll be eating that anytime soon. At my grandparents house, and they are taking amazing care of me. Its great to have them, and to be able to lean on them for support. Good news, is Mom called last night to inform me I recieved information from Florida Food Stamp program, and was approved for 180 a month, which is good. It will be much help, considering being fired. I am going to start looking for work, once I can get mobile again. Hopefully with the Holiday coming up, I will find something. Well that is all for now. Till Next time.


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  1. flowermantis 9 years ago

    All the best for a new life! Take care


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