My mom planned a weekend of mall hopping for a mini vacation!!! I can't wait!! I can't wait to go to Torrid!! I love that store!! A little pricey but good looking clothes for those of us who aren't a size six. This week is going by too slow lol My parents may not agree haha
While on the mini vacation, we may visit the cemetery where my grandma and grandpa are buried. Boy do I miss my grandma. Hard to believe it will be four years this October…I guess I've grown so much in these past years. Matured mentally and spiritually speaking. I like to think I am closer to God and more accepting of life's struggles.
Also as July 25th approaches, I find myself wishing I had known my paternal grandpa…he passed away before I was born. His name was Homer Garner–first and middle name. I laugh when I think of his middle name. We've tried to find out where it came from–other than the middle name of his father–but to no avail. I'd like to think I could give my children names to honor family members. I already have lists made lol One of my favorites is Alexander Dennis–Dennis being my dad's name. He is still with me physically but I'd still like to honor him. Most of the names I've come up with honor different family members in some way. Elizabeth Dana honors my grandpa Bob's sibling who passed at a young age and Dana for my cousin who has passed. I'd thought about Elizabeth Diane–Diane after my aunt–but those two names in that order are the names of a killer…I know only I would know but it still bothers me. I in no way want to honor a killer with my child's name.
Anyway, I've gotten carried away lol That happens often when I'm talking about names lol
Thanks for reading xxxxxxxxxx


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